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What? He got 475, but my score is only 360?
As of January 3, 2016, a total of 191,279 Express Entry profiles were submitted.  Of these, 88,048 were found not eligible. 
Moreover, the cut-off score has NEVER been below 450.
This means if your score remains below 450, you won't be selected anytime soon. 
A life on the fringe. 
Your plan shattered. 
Your Canadian dream in ruins.
Fortunately, we have an answer for you.
Frustrated with CIC? You are not alone.
If you ask CIC, they'll just tell you to get higher education, gain more experience, and obtain better language results.
However, this still doesn't answer the question WHY some people can get 475 and you can only get 360.
It would make sense if they have over 600 points - It just means that they either have arranged employement or a provincial nomination.
But they don't!
So how is it possible that these people without arranged employment or nomination still got selected, but not you?
Do they somehow cheat the system to get such high scores? they know some secrets that you don't know?
"I never realized the solution would be that EASY! I wonder why most people never thought of it before."
Kelly W. - International Experience Canada
The Two Groups of People
What if I tell you that there are two groups of people in the Express Entry pool?
Group A - Regular individuals.  People like you.
Their average score is only 360.
Group B - People you may become.  They have learned and applied a specific strategy.  Their average score is 408.
We are talking about a difference of 48 more points!
The only difference between you and them is one simple documentation.
That's right.
One simple documentation that can be the difference of living your Canadian dream or waiting forever in the pool.
But it doesn't have to stay that way.
Because once you learned how this works, you might become Group B!
You can succeed, too!
But wait, there's more!
What if I also tell you that there's another proven technique you can use to get your score from 360 to 486 and also allows you to find a great job in Canada?
That's right, it is possible to get an increase of 126 points simply by using this technique.
I am not going to give you general solutions like CIC does.
Throughout the course, you are going to learn specific methods on how to increase your CRS score.
You are going to learn the real life solutions done by real people who have achieved real results.
"David fulfilled both my short-term and long-term goals. 
He came up with a detailed strategy to help me increase my score and it really worked!"
Iris A. - International Student
But how do you reach these goals?

I'll be honest with you...It's not easy!

Don't get me wrong, the tactics and strategies you'll learn will make the process simple, but there is no magic pill.

You still need to invest your time, energy, and hard work to pull it off.

Now, due to your specific circumstances, you might not be able to hit 470 points, but one thing is for sure, if you are able to follow these strategies and implement them, your score WILL increase!

Countless individuals before you have already witnessed the power of these strategies I am about to share with you.


"We tried to do LMIA on our own, but we failed...twice! David was able to get my LMIA approved and increased my score by 600!"
Rasim T - Director, International Language School
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