Our Guarantees:

We Make Everything Transparent & Easy For You

No Hourly Billing

Does the thought of paying us on a hourly basis scare you? Worry not! We DO NOT bill you by the hour.  After initial consultation, we provide you with a quote with a FLAT FEE. This means you do not need to worry about additional fees.

Payment by Milestone

We separate each case into different milestones (stages). This means if your case is only at stage 1, you DO NOT need to pay us our fees for stage 2 and 3. We do this because we care about fairness and transparency.

No Need to Pay All At Once

As mentioned before, we provide flexible plans for all of our cases.  In other words, you do not need to pay all at once.  Should you change your mind during the process, you are not obliged to pay our unearned professional fees.

No Contingency Billing

We DO NOT do contingency billing.  This means we will not charge you additional fees once a decision has been made on your case.  With this model, we will only take on cases which we think will have a high chance of success.

Simple Contract - No Hidden Fees!

Unlike most companies, we do not have any hidden fees.  Whatever prices we quoted will be our final professional fee.  Everything is laid out clearly in our ICCRC approved contract.

Taxes & Disbursements Are Included!

As stated before, there will be no hidden fees of ANY KIND.  In fact, the prices we quoted you already include courier fees, taxes, and other disbursements.  At the end, you only need to pay us the exact amount listed on the contract.



    During the initial consultation, we will determine if you are eligible to immigrate to Canada.  We will also discuss all the potential issues and solutions.


    After you agree to let us represent you, we will then start preparing your immigration application and give you specific instructions on how to meet the requirements.


    We guide you through medical checks, police certificate, ECA, interviews, and continue to monitor the outcome of your file and respond to the government.

View Our Sample Contract Here

We believe in transparency -- You can view one of our sample contracts below.


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